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The tenth(!!) tournament is gearing up to start on February 1st. If you have not already done so, sign up to be on one of our amazing teams. Have no idea where to begin? Check out the teams descriptions and pick your home for the next 3 months.

Teams from different nerderies compete by completing projects that answer different challenges each round for points and glory. Each round lasts 28 days and there are five challenges – one for each category: Encyclopaedia, Nerdology, Discovery, Flexible Schedule, and Giving Geeks.The ambitious can take a whack at a 3-month-long project called a dissertation for tons of points, and we’ve got some other extra curricular activities thrown in for more fun!

Upcoming Dates:
All dates and times are in Eastern Time

Jan. 15 – Sign Ups open for Tournament 10
Jan. 28 – Teams are Announced
Feb. 1 – Round 1 begins
Feb. 1 – 14 – Dissertations proposed (approved by 15th)
Feb. 28 – Round 1 ends
Mar. 1 – Round 2 begins

Check out our full calendar here